Becoming Whole Podcast

Becoming Whole – The podcast

The “Becoming Whole ­– The Art of Inner Transformation” podcast is hosted by

Karima Eames, a holistic therapist, author and passionate seeker of truth.

Her passion is to make this world a better place. 

For the past 34 years, she has been working with people on inner transformation. 

She has taken her learnings and written a new book

“Becoming Whole – The Art of Inner Transformation”. 

This book is packed with tried and tested tools and stories. 

And now in this podcast, she will invite clients and friends to share

how they have applied these tools to transform their lives. 



Episode 1: Introduction 

In this episode, I will talk a bit about myself, my background and my path.

I will give an overview of the tools in the book and the purpose of this podcast.


Episode 2: My guest today is Dean

In this episode, I am talking to Dean, a business owner from Sydney in his mid-forties.

He has worked with me for many years and he will share his insights

on honesty in therapy and listening to inner guidance.


Episode 3: My guest today is Helen Padarin

Helen is an award-winning naturopath and nutritionist with 20 years of clinical experience.

She is a published author, public speaker and an advocate for empowering

individuals, families and organisations to find the joy in living and being well.  

Helen’s personal and professional journey has been intimately intertwined

as much of her own personal journey has been what has guided her professional career,

and likewise, she learns so much from her patients and clients. 

She is passionate about bringing awareness to the connection between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  

Above all, she values a sense of curiosity, compassion and adventure in her own personal journey

as well as encouraging those values in others for their own journeys.  

Much of Helen’s clinical practice centres around reconnection to self, each other and nature

to achieve renewed states of wellbeing.

I have known Helen for about 18 years.

From being a client in the early days, she has become a close and trusted friend.

We had a great conversation including the following topics:

healthy boundaries

transforming hatred into stillness

putting the mind into the passenger seat   

the body and emotions are an antenna

repa(i)renting the inner child

her personal description of states of true nature

• her tip for the listener: shaking to release tension

As my gift to you, for purchasing Becoming Whole: The Art of Inner Transformation, you'll receive a copy of my Becoming Whole: Heart Meditations downloadable guide.



In her early 20s, Karima Andrea Eames left Germany and a promising career path as a psychologist, to uncover the mysteries of the inner world. The search took her to India where, for 20 years, she lived in a spiritual commune and joined their Mystery School where she was initiated into the Art of Inner Alchemy. Karima discovered a world inside herself free from any form of suffering, where pain, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness and isolation simply didn’t exist.


She is trained in psychology, counselling, breath and energy work, basic trauma healing skills, esoteric sciences, aura soma, Reiki and energy reading. She holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Aromatherapy and is an accredited Journey Therapist.


Karima has been based in Sydney for the past 22 years but has shared her teachings worldwide.