Energy Reading Training

This training teaches reading energy based on the map of the 7 chakras

It includes:

  • Self exploration
  • Meditation
  • Reading practice with supervision
  • Reading with a partner
  • Reading as a group
  • Sharing
  • Individual healing and energy work

Besides learning specific energy reading skills this training

  • Strengthens your intuition
  • Supports self acceptance
  • Deepens meditation and
  • Expands awareness

The atmosphere is relaxing and nourishing. You can experience how problems dissolve through receiving readings. You will experience the mysteries of the heart through giving readings.

Basic Skills

Establishing The Reading Space

  • Awakening the Inner Senses
  • Basic NLP and communication skills
  • Communication through the heart
  • Exploring Synchronicity
  • Discovering the hara
  • Journey into the third eye

Different approaches to reading energy will be taught

  • Reading a specific chakra
  • Reading an issue
  • Reading in 3 layers: personality, shadow, potential

You will receive feedback on your strength and limitation in readings.

Times: to be announced
Cost : $… for both weekends (early bird… if paid fully by…)
Venue: tba
For your participation an interview is required!
There is a limited number of spaces

The heart is the lotus. Every sense is just the opening of the lotus, the petals of the lotus. Try to relate your senses to the heart first. Secondly, always think that every sense goes deep down into the heart and becomes absorbed in it. When these two things become established, only then will your senses begin to help you. They will lead you to the heart, and your heart will become a lotus.” Osho