See individual sessions for introduction!

In couple sessions obviously the same training background comes in as well as the tools applied to individual sessions. The special thing about couple sessions is the fact that both partners are present, which can often shortcut the healing process. Both partners can work with each other and support each others healing process.

A typical couple session can involve

  • Learning to listen to each other from the heart
  • Active Listening
  • Expression of emotions
  • Dissolving misunderstandings
  • Teaching of different relationship maps

Often a couple session will result in a deeper understanding of

  • The other’s inner world
  • Relationship dynamics
  • The Tantric map of energy flow between men and women
  • Common differences between men and women
  • The unconscious dynamic behind specific issues that is causing the problem

A typical outcome of a couple session can be

  • More acceptance and compassion of oneself and each other
  • Discovering more fulfilling ways of relating
  • Deepening of the connection
  • Learning to support each other
  • More Joy, relaxation, depth, love and trust
  • Sometimes couples come to work towards conscious separation

Energy Reading for Couples – see Energy Reading

Here the energy flow between 2 people is read. True connection will be enhanced and blockages can be dissolved. If the energy in both partners individually and together flows healthily the experience is of delight, joy or silence. It is usually quite ecstatic.