Women Remembering

Women Remembering

Experiential 3 Day Workshop

Women rediscovering the gifts of feminine energy
A healing through rituals, energy work and sharing

This workshop is designed to explore feminine energy in its depth, vastness and richness.
We will use a map (see Steps 1-4) that has been helpful for many women in their exploration of the inner world.
This work supports you to allow and include all the different aspects of being a woman.

Step 1 The Mask

We will explore our conditioning as women in today’s world. We will bring awareness to the way we learned to present ourselves to the outside in order to be loved and accepted

Step 2 The Shadow

Here we meet and liberate repressed energies and feelings. These “taboos” carry a lot of life energy but they are hidden- labeled ‘‘too much”, “too crazy”, “too…

Step 3 Gifts and Treasures

At this point of the journey it is time to enjoy and celebrate our beauty, our natural potential and uniqueness.

Step 4 The Wise Woman

We will dive to the bottom of our “Inner Ocean”, connecting with the stillness, silence and eternal wisdom, that is the center of every being.

Fri, Sat & Sun 10 am – 6 pm

The group is limited to 8 women

After the group the women are invited to form their own circle and meet once a month.

Click here to download Miriam’s article on: Celebrating Women

Testimonials from previous participants

“The women’s group came from Karimas own beautiful creativity and takes you on an incredible journey through the often wounded feminine into the absolute ecstasy of womanhood and sisterhood.
And the course was only the beginning with our beautiful group having met over the past 7 years every month. This has become one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, this circle of women.”   



” Very inspiring, powerful, interesting, educating and flowering! I learned and experienced more in 3 days than I have in 3 years at work. It is a flowering experience, like going on a wonderful & very powerful journey around the globe, sharing lots of stories, experiences, images, feelings, laughter, tears…and tissues. A great way to let go and accept, connect with the female inside/within me. It created a new and beautiful ‘women’s group’ which feels like an extended family with lots of trust.”


Poem about her circle by a former participant

My heart was awakened by your soft gentle caress.
You sung to the desire that had long lain dormant.
A lotus flower blossomed in my womb,
Melting the ice castle around my heart.
Hand on hand we explored one another.
I felt raw, uncertain, frightened of my nakedness
before your eyes.
But with careful words, considered action and your
soft gentle caress, we began to dance –
reaching into one another with stories,
disentangling our past, hopes and fears,
tentatively taking off our masks.

Bridget Armstrong