Opening to the Heart


Experiential Weekend Workshop

Would you like to love and accept yourself and others more?

That’s what you experience when you are truly connected to your heart.

This group focuses on helping you to connect your senses with your spiritual heart or Heart-Chakra.

Whether you are new to meditation, or you have already embarked on a journey of transformation, this weekend will give you practical and simple tools that can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Experience what it is like to listen, look and feel from the heart, in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and relaxation.

Discover the healing powers of the love that‘s inside you!

Comments from participants on what the workshop is about:

  • Learning about the heart (-chakra) through direct experience
  • Empowering, colourful, emotional – absolutely worth doing
  • I got a clarity on how to listen to the voice of my heart
  • Finding the love inside through a supportive, nurturing environment at your own pace
  • A safe place to expose your insecurities, to work on your hurts and distrusts
  • I would absolutely recommend this to friends who wanted to further explore their spiritual journey/connection

Times: Sat & Sun 10am – 6pm

Information and bookings please contact Karima – Click Here

“That is the only hope for man – to listen to the heart and go along with it. Then your life will become a blissful pilgrimage. All the methods of meditation I teach to you… in short, it can be said they are nothing but bringing you from the head to the heart, from logic to love, from ego to egolessness, from your separation to a deep merging and melting with the whole.” Osho