Welcome to the Inner Alchemy School

Karima is the founder of the Inner Alchemy School. She has been exploring the mysteries of the inner world for the past 40 years. Her passion is to ignite a person’s fascination with their own inner world.

Her work allows people to love themselves and take responsibility for their lives. The Holistic Therapy she is offering is bridging therapy and meditation.

She loves to support people in getting to know themselves on all possible levels. She has developed her own unique style and is using whatever modality is most suitable for the client at that specific time. Her extensive training and experience allows her to facilitate a wide range of issues.

Her understanding is that a better world starts with healthy fulfilled individuals. She is offering this work to allow people to become that and live a balanced life on all levels.


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Holistic Therapy and Meditation for Individuals, Couples and Groups

About Karima

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